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        Designation ПЗ 43019 16с21нж
        Main design features:
        The seat plate gasket is tapered, grounded from metal to metal.
        The operating position of the valve is vertical, with the inlet pipe down, a horizontal position is also permitted.
            It is installed on pipes carrying a mixture of nitrogen, hydrogen and ammonia and is designed to prevent the return of the medium.
            If the media is delivered in accordance with the direction of the arrow punched on one of the housings, the sealing plate is removed. When the medium is turned off, it is blocked by a spring that prevents the medium from returning.

            Medium temperature up to + 200 ° C
            Nominal diameter DN 32 mm, nominal pressure PN 32 MPa.
            Housing material - steel 20X. It is allowed to use the valve in other non-aggressive environments of the body material.
            Pipe access - flange with lens seal.
            The valve can operate in areas with mild and tropical climates in fresh air with direct exposure to precipitation.
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