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Glucose-Fructose Syrup
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        Glucose-fructose syrup - a substance used as a sugar substitute in food production. This syrup is several times sweeter than sugar, easier to blend with the texture of the product and prolong its shelf life. Based on the HFS composition, it is virtually identical with respect to the physicochemical and organoleptic properties of sucrose and does not contain artificial or synthetic substances or food additives. The production does not use genetically modified raw materials and the resulting syrup has a permanently guaranteed quality. Sugar replacement with glucose-fructose syrup is possible across the entire bakery and confectionery product family and is also commonly used in the production of soft drinks, baby food, canned foods, confectionery and dairy industries. Syrup is an integral part of diet products for people with diabetes and for healthy nutrition of athletes. HFS is the most sought-after sugar substitute among many other natural sweeteners. Widely used throughout the world and competing with cane and beet sugar for its technological and organoleptic properties, it is now very popular in the food industry.
        Where is it used?
        • In soft drinks;
        • In baby food;
        • Canned;
        • In the confectionery industry;
        • In the dairy industry
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