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Chemical products
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        Dextrin is a polysaccharide, dietary supplement E 1400. It is a homogeneous powder of white, yellow or yellow color. The production of the food additive E1400 is carried out in two ways: by partially distributing the moist starch or by exposing the dry starch to a temperature of 200 degrees.
        As a starch processing product, potato or corn dextrin is better absorbed in the body than conventional starch and is a nutrient that the human body uses to produce energy.
        The chemical formula is (C6H10O5) n, where n is the number of polymerizations.
        Where is it used?
        • In the textile, footwear, printing and wrestling industries (to increase the thickness of textile inks, to prepare adhesives and solutions (stickers for labels, adhesive bags, production of adhesive tapes, such as envelopes and stamps, for packaging of food products);
        • In the foundry (for joining molding sand);
        • For the preparation of adhesives;
        • In the manufacture of glass fibers - for grinding threads immediately after their formation;
        • For ore sintering, coal briquetting, insecticide granulation;
        • For the manufacture of grinding tools, materials (cutting, grinding of discs, etc.);
        • In the food industry as a thickener, stabilizer, binder component. Corn dextrin can be used as a sweetener in canning, home-made wine and baking. Used in confectionery (caramel, caramel, baby food, chewing gum), ice cream, marmalade
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