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Bovine food gelatin P-11
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        Edible gelatin is a yellow substance, crushed into powder, grains or granules, and has no taste or smell. Gelatin is the product of collagen processing, the major connective tissue building protein. This substance contains several amino acids: glutamic acid, arginine, glycine, proline, hydroxyproline and lysine. The main raw materials for the production of this substance are wastes from the leather industry and bovine bones. Gelatin is a natural biopolymer. The basis of gelatin is collagen. Gelatin contains: starch, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, micro and macro elements, vitamin PP, 18 amino acids. It is a high quality animal protein enriched with amino acids, vitamins, trace elements important for humans.
        Gelatin is a free-flowing solid product, from light yellow to dark yellow, odorless.
        Strength with a gelatin mass fraction of 10%, Newton - from 2.5 to 19
        Strength with a gelatin mass fraction of 6.67%, Bloom g \ cm3 - from 80 to 240 bloom
        Basic features
        1. Nutritional properties of gelatin:
        • Combining pure protein with a specific amino acid;
        • Synergistic effect in combination with other proteins;
        • High digestibility;
        • Lack of allergens;
        • Cholesterol-free;
        2. Technological characteristics of gelatin:
        • jelly;
        • Foaming and foam stabilization;
        • Film making;
        • Structure improvement;
        • hydration;
        • Emulsion stabilization and formation;
        3. Sensory properties of gelatin:
        • Neutral odor;
        • Neutral taste;
        • Can improve taste;
        4. Physico-chemical properties of gelatin:
        • It is soluble and has a high water retention capacity;
        • Gelatin Food Quality Strength is determined by Bloom (Bloom) or Valens;
        • It undergoes hydrolysis, which depends on many factors - the presence of acids, bases, bacteria, enzymes, as well as temperature;
        • At a concentration above 0.8%, gelatin precipitates from the solution upon cooling. The deposition temperature is usually determined by the viscosity of the 10% solution and corresponds to the start of gelation;
        • Gelatin has amphoteric properties. In acidic environments gelatin has a positive charge and in alkaline environments it has a negative charge;
        • It is compatible with many hydrocolloids, sugar, corn syrup, starch, glucose, basic food acids and flavorings.
        Where is it used?
        • In the food industry;
        • In the paper industry;
        • In the production of photographic and film films and photographic paper;
        • In medicine;
        • In the pharmaceutical industry;
        • In the textile industry.
        Warranty and storage
        DSF Future s.r.o. guarantees the quality and originality of chemical products.
        Table of composition and main characteristics
        The result
        Smell and taste
        > 60

        Transparency %

        > 94
        pH units
        4,0 - 7,0
        Hardness 0Bl
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