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        These are simple, water-soluble proteins that do not contain carbohydrates and precipitate when heated. Albuminoids - substances that contain albumin are: egg white, human and animal blood, plant seeds. Depending on the source of origin, the types and composition of albumin are differentiated.
        Egg albumin is divided into: avidin (eggs of birds and reptiles), conalbumin, ovalbumin (chicken eggs).
        Egg albumin (ovalbumin) is a dry egg white. He lacks moisture and reduced sugar. There are various processing technologies, one producing white powder without color and odor, the other has the smell of eggs. It is a valuable protein product with easy whipping and strength of the resulting foam. One kilogram of dry powder replaces 316 whites. It is characterized by the best combination of amino acids, meat-like and milk-like.
        Egg albumin is divided into: avidin (eggs of birds and reptiles), conalbumin, ovalbumin (chicken eggs).
        Where is it used?
        • In the food processing industry: dairy products, courgettes, marshmallows, pastries, bakery products. Due to the excellent catalyst properties of the foam, it is used to obtain free-flowing creams.
        • In the production of wine and cognac. Dry protein is used when cleaning wine and cognac is needed.
        • Biologically active ingredient (BAA), which helps to increase muscle mass. It is the most valuable protein product with a high degree of assimilation because it is in the form of cleaved peptides.
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